We are Kata.

Your partner in designing and manufacturing of interior spaces.



We are an experienced team of architects and designers who have been designing and equipping stores and other spaces  for more than 25 years.
Our spaces are renowned for the touch of modern and classic design, which we always upgrade with a careful touch and feeling of precisely designed details that make the space perfect. We draw inspiration from aesthetic, innovative and functional spaces that follow the guidelines of quality design.


Complete solutions of interior spaces.

We offer creative and complete solutions in the field of interior fittings of commercial, business and private spaces, from conceptual solutions to execution and assembly.
We provide design and planning. We adapt to the wishes and needs of the client and follow the trends in the field of innovation and interior design. We are recognizable by professional, creative, quality and precise implementation, and above all by complete range of services and responsiveness of the company.

Our services

We will take care of the execution of the entire project from the conceptual stage to the very implementation and final installation in the space. With many years of experience, knowledge and a reliable team, we can manage even very demanding projects.



We advise you in designing your interiors according to your needs and desired style.



We design all kinds of furniture and prepare all technical drawings for further production.



Our production of metal elements includes laser cutting, welding and bending and finishing. Wooden and other elements are made by our long-standing partners.



We carry out assembly of furniture or equipment with established teams of installers, from beginning to end.

How we work:


production by concept

You can approach us with the already made visual concepts of your space and we will present you the technical possibilities of producing the desired equipment and choose together the materials and the finishing of individual components.


complete concept creation

We also create concepts of stores or brands. The stores are individualized to reflect the feeling that we want to achieve in the space. We create 3D visualizations, collages and other graphic presentations.


top production

We produce drawings with all the details of production. Metal parts are made in our own workshop with the help of experienced masters in metal and carpentry professions. Wooden parts are manufactured by our subcontractor according to our plans, for who we guarantee superior production.


transport of equipment

Metal and wooden elements are assambled into the final product in our workshop. We prepare the equipment for the transport.


organization and assembly management

Upon the request of the client, we organize and manage the assembly and installation of equipment with experienced teams of installers that meet our requirements for precision. We also take over the whole projects of equipping the spaces from the _. phase on.

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